Over the years I have become more spiritual. I always believed in something, or someone, and respected different cultures views on whoever their God or Gods were. We all believe in something, or nothing, and they’re all valid choices which are personal to us.

I believe that if we have an intention of where we’d like to be in the future, that we really believe in and aspire to, things get arranged in order for that to happen. You might think I am barking, but this is my belief, and I believe it has proved itself to be true on several occasions. The trick is not to interfere in the how. Let the universe sort that out, otherwise you’re just getting in the way. Step back and trust that things will work out. Right now I’m working on an intention to be happy and secure.

A year ago, we were in a freezing house that I had rented following the sale of our family home. Of course I didn’t know it was going to be freezing. The owner, my friend/neighbours’ sister told me it was insulated and had heating. But when you wake up to 12 degrees C in the kitchen, it feels a bit chilly! I had asked X if we could put in a log-burner (as there were only electric radiators); he told me to buy it on my credit card which he would pay off. So I went off round the DIY shops and got the cheapest one I could, with the biggest heat output, the various parts of the flue and some very kind, and strong, male friends installed it. Then X decided as I’d paid for it on my credit card, it was now my debt and he had nothing to do with it. I had no means to pay off the credit card on my own. I couldn’t believe he was doing this! I had come to accept for some reason he was angry with me, perhaps he blamed me for our marriage failing. But to do this to his children as well I couldn’t understand. Eventually, after I wrote him a pleading email, he relented and paid off the card. Did he change his mind just so he could feel in control of me again? I’ll never know, as even if I could ask him the question, I wouldn’t believe the answer.

Anyway, I wanted to be somewhere where the kids had their own bedrooms (proper ones, with walls, doors and windows of their own), and the heating worked! Did I mention it was 12 degrees with the log-burner? In the UK we had a house with central heating, but since we moved to France we had had only log-burners. The rented house had a mezzanine over the lounge and downstairs bedroom. One end for 1 child, the other end for the other. But it was open, and often the kids would argue at each other across the lounge. The wind whistled between the stones in the walls – I spent ages going round trying to find where the draughts were coming from. One day, coming down the stairs I saw daylight between the stones! Even blocking up as many of these gaps as I could there were draughts. The 12kw log-burner had no chance in the “exceptionally” cold winter we spent there. At that point I wasn’t strong enough in myself to complain to my landlady. I was more scared that she would kick us out, as she had only rented the house to us as a favour, and there were no other properties available in our area.

One evening I went out to a zumba class – I think it was my birthday, and my friend insisted I go to get me out of the house and that I would enjoy myself. I did, I had a great time, and ended up meeting my (now) best french friend. I now rent a centrally heated house from her mother. The boys have proper bedrooms, with doors, windows and everything. And this came to me. I believe I was meant to meet my friend, and it was the means by which my intention to live in a centrally heated house with proper bedrooms was realised. You ‘just’ have to trust it will all be ok.